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RH Degasser

Secondary refining process started to increase in the 1970’s, and from then on Magnesita has been developing and adapting refractory products to a variety of secondary steel refining processes, among them the RH vacuum degasser.

Traditionally, RH degassers are lined with magnesia-chrome bricks. Re-bonded bricks are used in the high wear regions – legs, throats and lower vessel, and direct bonded bricks are used for the remainder of the degasser – intermediate vessel, upper vessel, hot off take.

Refractory Lines

Magnesita has a complete refractory line to service this market, Refractory products are produced based on electro-fused magnesia-chromite grains and fired at temperatures above 1800 ºC (re-bonded), or produced based on magnesia-chromite sinter material fired at temperatures above 1750 ºC.

Aiming at completing its product line in order to appropriately serve both the requirements and the environment, Magnesita developed new products outside the traditional line, such as the fired magnesia-zirconia line, which generates excellent results in lower vessel applications. Furthermore, Magnesita provides a variety of mechanical equipment and products for refractory maintenance of the snorkels during the campaign.

Customized Projects

Magnesita develops a specific refractory project for each customer plant, aiming at improving equipment availability and providing the best refractory performance.

The Technical Support and Service Department provides assembly engineering drawings to facilitate a smooth lining installation, maintenance recommendations during the campaign, analyses of operational variables, wear profile analyses, post-mortem reports and technical reports that promote on-going developments.

This work methodology allows the development of true partnerships between Magnesita and its customers